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[ENG] Minigamer bot
Hello, welcome to the official guide of our minigame bot for Nostale!

Before you start I recommend that you follow this post carefully, even though the bot is structured in such a way as to make it easy to use, you may have problems the first time.

This bot is Loader-dependent , so if you want to open it and use it, you must first download our Loader and launch it from there.

Find download and loader instructions here:  download [oopus.Nostale] Loader .

As the Minigame bot, along with all the apps on this site, has been packed (so that by using a decompiler it is not possible to trace back to the original source code) you must disable your antivirus and add the C:\ProgramData\oopus.nostale folder to the exceptions of your antivirus to use the bot. (if you want to look into the issue to find out why antivirus products point to compressed executables, I suggest you read something about executable packers like UPX)

Once you load the Minigamer bot from the loader you will find this screen:

[url=][Image: Oopus-4.png]

The main interface of the bot is structured in two tabs , the first "oopus" is a welcome tab where you can find information about your account, while the other "clients" contains a list of Nostale clients you set.

[Image: Oopus_5.png]

The bot has been programmed, in theory, to be able to use infinite Nostale clients in parallel.
Physically, this is not possible because each computer has a power that, though vast, is always limited.
From this follows that the number of supported clients is totally dependent on the power of the PC in use , the advice I can give you is to realize the power of your pc and do not overdo it with the addition of clients otherwise you would end up failing to give the bot the resources needed to complete even one level.

The bot has the ability to change the settings of each individual client, in fact, it manages each client in parallel and independently from the other.

To change the settings just click on the client from the list and immediately afterwards in the button Edit client when you click on Edit you will open two screens, one is used to configure the bot that allows the opening and login of your account automatically, mind the other to configure the parameters of the minigamer bot.

the first screen contains two tabs:
"auto client"
in this tab you can modify the parameters that the bot uses for auto-login and the automatic opening of the multiclient.
ALERT:the customer to be selected must NEVER be the unofficial multiclient downloadable from Here. in fact, this bot function is not compatible with the official client of Nostale.

[Image: Oopus_6.png]
"manual client"
in this tab you can select a currently open client and use the bot on that client.
ALERT: this feature is compatible with the official client of Nostale but It is NOT compatible with open clients with sandboxies .

The second screen currently contains two tabs
"character mover"
in this tab you can configure the moves the bot will do to your character like:
  • go to your own miniland (just leave the "Go on miniland" empty field or write a nickname that is not in the friends list).
  • go to the miniland of your friend (taking it from the friends list).

  • go ahead of a minigame to start playing.
in this tab you can modify the bot's configuration parameters for playing the mini-game.

[Image: Oopus_7.png]

Once you have configured each client, just click start and the bot will do it all by itself!
I hope I have not forgotten anything, in any case we are at your disposal for any problems you can post a thread in the section and you will receive our support as soon as possible.

so i have to pay for this bot? Smile
Hi, yes. For now there isn't a free version.
(01-15-2018, 05:24 PM)Davide Lo Bue Wrote: Hi, yes. For now there isn't a free version.

This bot works on the us server too? Thank you!
(06-05-2018, 02:25 PM)gnerre Wrote:
(01-15-2018, 05:24 PM)Davide Lo Bue Wrote: Hi, yes. For now there isn't a free version.

This bot works on the us server too? Thank you!

Yes, it supports all Gameforge servers Smile
(06-05-2018, 07:52 PM)Non esiste una versione gratuita? ... Per i più poverelli? Wrote: Sad Undecided Confused

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